Harbour Outlook: Crossroads

A common theme which came through during May was economies and markets being at crossroads.  Globally, the US continued to generate solid economic data, while in Europe political tensions rose.  Domestically, solid economic activity masked a growing divergence by type of activity.  Equally, subdued near-term inflation pressures concealed the prospect of an uplift in some medium-term inflation drivers.

Bond yields fell over the month.  Economic data in the US is continuing to print at very robust levels and markets are placing an 80% chance on the US Federal Reserve delivering another hike at their upcoming June meeting.  However, this was more than offset during May by a flight to safety prompted by the failure of leading Italian political parties to form a government, heightened by the very high level of Italian Government debt and concerns that the Italians may wish to redefine aspects of their Eurozone membership.  While Italian 2-year yields initially spiked as the market priced an additional risk premium, yields in other developed markets like the US, Australia and NZ fell given their relative safety...

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Harbour Team | Posted on Jun 11, 2018
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Trade, tech and funding tensions

Key developments

Globally, equity markets were weak over March, with most overseas markets down between 2-3% over the month.

After experiencing worries about rising inflation and the removal of monetary stimulus in January and February, in March equity investors were rattled by the Trump-led US government’s aggressive approach to trade negotiations and potential increased regulation of the technology sector. In addition, wh...

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Harbour Team | Posted on Apr 10, 2018

Rising Volatility

The Harbour Outlook summarises recent market developments, what we are monitoring closely, and our key views on the outlook for fixed interest, credit and equity markets. 

Key developments Following on from the same themes in January, markets continued to see strong global economic growth in February, but worried about the top risk on our list for 2018 – namely inflation risk and ultimately concerns about whether monetary sti...

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Harbour Team | Posted on Mar 9, 2018

Nearing an end to the New Zealand Goldilocks?

Markets, both in New Zealand and globally, have experienced goldilocks conditions for the past 5 years of low inflation and solid economic growth. While markets performed strongly in November, there were increasing signs, particularly in New Zealand, that 2018 may involve a transition away from this goldilocks environment.

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Harbour Team | Posted on Dec 7, 2017

Adjusting to Change

Key developments ‘Adjusting to change’ continued to be a key theme driving markets in October, whether it was political change, normalising global interest rates or changing consumer behaviour reflecting disruptive technological changes.

New Zealand had the drama of watching election coalition negotiations unfold, which eventually enabled the Labour Party and New Zealand First to form a government, with supply and confidence ...

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Harbour Team | Posted on Nov 9, 2017