Stylised risk and return profile of Harbour Investment Funds

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Offer documentation, such as our Product Disclosure Statement, Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives, and Other Material Information can be found on the footer of our website, or on the Disclose register. These documents have been prepared in accordance with the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (FMC Act).

Harbour Investment Funds are Portfolio Investment Entities (PIEs). You can read more about what PIE means on the Inland Revenue website.

What Fund is right for me?

At Harbour we don't give financial advice, we only manage money. If you aren't sure what types of investment are right for you, or what your risk appetite is, we recommend that you seek advice from a qualified financial advisor, or use the investor information at

For larger clients  with over $20 million to invest

We may be able to offer a tailored portfolio service. To find out more information about your investment options, please contact us.