Investment Philosophy

Harbour's Investment philosophy is focused on consistency – in combining fundamental analysis with the skill of experienced people.

Quality research is the backbone of investment out-performance.

Fundamental research drives investment decision making. We believe that a structured quantitative analysis of the investment universe can assist in providing our analysts with further tools to determine the best investment opportunities. By adhering to our investment style and approach through market cycles we provide integrity and balance in portfolio construction.

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We believe in consistency of our investment process.

Our equity bias is toward investing in quality companies that have the potential to grow at a faster rate than the market. Our fixed interest approach is characterised by a structured assessment of investment opportunities and disciplined risk management.

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We believe in responsible investing

Harbour is a client-focused, research-driven, investment manager. Our analysis across both equity and fixed interest markets is dedicated to producing superior investment results.

There are multiple elements to Harbour’s ESG integration: Harbour’s ESG score, active engagement, and proxy voting.

These strategies are based on the following beliefs:


  1. Harbour believes that companies that manage ESG considerations well are more likely to create shareholder value, with a reduced risk profile, compared to those who do not.
  2. Harbour believes that strong corporate governance is often correlated with strong environmental and social company outcomes.
  3. Harbour believes that ESG risks and opportunities are able to be identified and measured for individual companies, and that these risks are often not fully reflected by the market in the security price.
  4. Harbour believes that an integrative approach to ESG yields stronger investment returns than screening processes.
  5. ESG monitoring and assessment is constantly evolving. Harbour believes in engagement on ESG matters rather than divestment.
  6. Harbour’s beliefs are based on a balanced understanding of the academic evidence and is consistent with empirical analysis of our own ESG process over the last five years.

For more details on Harbour’s approach to responsible investing, please see our ESG Integration policy.

There is no substitute for experience.

Our portfolio managers have an average of over 20 years investment experience. This individual and collective experience has navigated client portfolios though changing economic and market conditions. This enables us to focus on client outcomes and providing competitive long term returns.

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