Why invest with Harbour?

Harbour is a well-resourced New Zealand based investment manager with extensive professional investment experience managing funds for large government institutions, corporate superannuation funds, charities, KiwiSaver Schemes and retail investors through mezzanine platforms.

"An impressive portfolio manager, coupled with a disciplined and proven investment process, makes Harbour Australasian Equity our top pick within its asset class."

Morningstar Research Report, 31 December 2015

"Harbour New Zealand Core Fixed Interest shows plenty of promise. This strategy is a relative newcomer to the local bond landscape, having launched in May 2011, but it’s backed by more heft than that might suggest."

Morningstar Research Report, 21 October 2014

Proven Performance

The combination of an experienced team managing money within a well researched robust and disciplined investment process over time helps us deliver favourable investment outcomes for our clients.

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Experienced Team

Harbour offers a team of experienced and proven investment practitioners that have extensive experience in managing money in global and Australasian markets.

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Independent Review

The Harbour retail funds are reviewed by independent research houses to provide clients with confidence and comfort that they are investing with well resourced and experienced teams.

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Sound investment process

The years of experience and lessons learned over many market cycles has helped Harbour craft a robust and disciplined investment process for equities and fixed interest securities.

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Governance & Controls

The Harbour business operates within a framework of strong governance that is overseen by an experienced Board which includes two independent directors.

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Investment Philosophy

Quality Research is the backbone of investment out-performance. Fundamental research drives investment decision making. Combining structured quantitative analysis of the investment universe with the skill of analysts who have decades of experience provides the best opportunities to deliver long term growth in real wealth.

We believe in consistency.

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