Iwi, Charities & Other Wholesale Entities

Harbour offers iwi, charities and other wholesale entities tasked with investing in perpetuity or with an inter-generational time-frame three solutions: single asset class solutions; a comingled multi-sector fund solution; or, a tailored multi-asset class solution.

We appreciate the complex requirements of trustees and board members tasked with investing for perpetuity or inter-generationally. The need to preserve and grow capital as well as providing regular income generation requires careful consideration.

Harbour can help with these considerations by engaging in discussion and providing an overview of the following investment solutions:

1. Single sector solutions

Harbour offers wholesale investors a range of NZ unit trust Portfolio Investment Entities (PIEs). Read more here.

2. A multi-asset fund solution

The wholesale Harbour Income Fund is designed for investors seeking a high stream of regular income, but also want to protect the real value of their capital over the medium term. This is ideal for chartiable organisations looking to maximise their philanthropic activities, both now and in the future. This is primarily achieved by holding a diversified portfolio of investment grade corporate bonds while a portion of the Fund is held in New Zealand and Australasian listed equities to protect the Fund from the medium-term impacts of inflation. The Harbour Income Fund achieves this by investing in underlying Harbour Funds. Read more here.

3. Premium Tailored Portfolio Service

For those wholesale investors with larger amounts seeking a tailored multi-asset portfolio, Harbour encourages a discussion with our investment team. The objective is to listen to your requirements so we understand what your investment objectives are with respect to capital preservation, capital growth and income requirements.

Our Premium Tailored Portfolio Service responds to market conditions in applying a tactical asset allocation to complement a bespoke strategic asset allocation in the management of both return and risk considerations. Read more here.

For more information, please contact:

Ainsley McLaren

+64 9 3651923

Harbour Seminars

Harbour provides a dedicated investment seminars tailored for the unique requirements of Iwi investors. This is a combination of thought provoking schools of thoughts around inter-generational investment from experienced practioners as well as deepening the investment understanding of participants.

Next Harbour wholesale investor seminars:

  • Next wholesale investor seminar TBA

Next Harbour iwi investor seminars:

  • Next iwi investor seminar TBA

To register your interest please contact Toni on +64 4 460 8304 or toni@harbourasset.co.nz

Harbour iwi Scholarship recipient 2015

Last November Harbour Asset Management hosted its inaugural Iwi Investment Conference with the ultimate aim of deepening the investment knowledge of the iwi community. The hui was designed for anyone involved with protecting and growing money now, and for future generations, on behalf of Iwi groups, Trusts and other Maori entities. It provided an interactive forum to learn how experienced practitioners are successfully structuring and managing investment portfolios.

The hui made clear the desire of the iwi community to foster knowledge and experience from within. Based on that objective, Harbour announced a scholarship to support the development of the next generation of leaders. We are proud to announce Judge Williams as the recipient of the award.

Judge is an extremely capable Economics and Finance student entering his third year at Otago University. Of Ngāi Tahu descent, Judge is conversant with (and practises) tikanaga Māori - which adds value to his role as the Treasurer of the Māori Commerce Students’ Association.

This summer, Judge undertook an internship with Ngāi Tahu Holdings. In his supporting essay, Judge demonstrated both an understanding of portfolio construction theory, and was insightful about the practical considerations faced by Māori. He has a strong commitment to complete his degree to the highest standard and support development of the next generation of leaders, who will protect and grow assets for future generations on behalf of iwi.