Investment Solutions

Retail Investors

Harbour offers retail investors the following range of NZ unit trust Portfolio Investment Entities (PIEs) either through an Authorised Financial Advisor or RaboDirect:

Australasian Equity Fund

Australasian Equity Income Fund

Australasian Equity Focus Fund

New Zealand Equity Advanced Beta Fund

NZ Core Fixed Interest Fund

NZ Corporate Bond Fund

T. Rowe Price Global Equity Growth Fund – retail

Income Fund – Retail

Wholesale Investors

Harbour offers wholesale investors a range of NZ unit trust Portfolio Investment Entities (PIEs). Contact Jody Kaye for more information.

Iwi, Charities & Other Wholesale Entities

Harbour offers iwi, charities and other wholesale entities tasked with investing in perpetuity or with inter-generational investing, either a single asset class solution or a tailored multi-asset class solution. Contact Jody Kaye for more information.

Latest Research

Harbour Navigator - 16 November 2015

The chance of a Christmas present

The end of the year is fast approaching. A key question facing financial markets is whether in December Janet Yellen will deliver the first rate hike by the US Federal Reserve in 10 years, ending 7 years with interest rates near zero percent. So what are the implications for such an historic decision of the NZ economy and markets?

Australasian Equities Monthly Commentary - October 2015

Grinding up

Fixed Interest Monthly Commentary - October 2015

Evening the odds

Latest Media - 16 November 2015

Boring local LPT sector looks for some action

New Zealand’s listed property trusts (LPTs) have become more active in managing their portfolios, according to Shane Solly, Harbour Asset Management director. - 16 November 2015

More green tea for Australia

Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's government appears to be taking a lead from New Zealand and seems intent on a range of reforms to encourage long-term growth. - 2 November 2015

Australia is more than just about China

Many commentators portray the Australian economy and equity market as linked almost one-to-one with Chinese growth. Sometimes these arguments are as shallow as saying that the Chinese economy is slowing, so Australia is in trouble. While it is true that parts of the Australian economy have cooled, a broader analysis suggests Australia is in pretty good shape on many metrics.