Investment Solutions

Retail Investors

Harbour offers retail investors the following range of NZ unit trust Portfolio Investment Entities (PIEs) either through an Authorised Financial Advisor or RaboDirect:

Australasian Equity Fund

Australasian Equity Income Fund

NZ Core Fixed Interest Fund

NZ Corporate Bond Fund

Wholesale Investors

Harbour offers wholesale investors a range of NZ unit trust Portfolio Investment Entities (PIEs). Contact Jody Kaye for more information.

Non-Resident Investors

Harbour offers wholesale and retail non-resident investors a range of NZ unit trust Portfolio Investment Entities (PIEs). Contact Jody Kaye for more information.

Latest Research

Harbour Navigator - 1 April 2014

Australian lending growth off the floor

A recovery in Australian lending growth is continuing. Both housing and business lending growth lifted in February according to data released yesterday. We believe this has positive implications for earnings growth in the Australian banking sector.

Australasian Equities Monthly Commentary - March 2014

Can conditions get better for NZ Equities?

New Zealand equities sharply out-performed in March, up 3% against flat global and Australian equity markets. The New Zealand market was up nearly 9% in the quarter – the 8th strongest quarterly return in two decades and continuing the bull market established in March 2009, bringing total gross returns to 118% since the bottom.

Fixed Interest Monthly Commentary - March 2014

Not just withdrawing policy stimulus

As expected, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) delivered a 25 basis point hike in the Official Cash Rate (OCR) to 2.75% following its Monetary Policy Statement. Many had not expected the RBNZ to so wholeheartedly acknowledge the strength of the economy and lift the terminal point of its 90 day rate forecast from 4.8% to 5.3%.

Investment Horizons - March 2014

The unfamiliar territory of rising interest rates

This month the Reserve Bank began its first concerted rate hike program for ten years. Exactly how households, businesses and financial markets will bear up under the projected shift higher in rates is a matter of considerable uncertainty. The Reserve Bank, knowing that monetary policy operates with a lag, will need to make judgements about how the economy and inflation will behave.

Latest Media - 15 April 2014

Shares take lead from offshore

The New Zealand share market has taken its lead from offshore and risen, with the NZX Top 50 Index closing up 13 points at 5076. Harbour Asset Management managing director Andrew Bascand said the local borse had had a little bit of a bounce, taking the lead from offshore. - 8 April 2014

Shares fall sharply for second day

New Zealand shares fell sharply for a second day, the benchmark Top 50 Index shedding 44 points to fall by nearly 1 percent to 5032. Harbour Asset Management analyst Craig Stent said the New Zealand market had taken its lead from the United States market again. The key tech index in the US, the Nasdaq, had its worst three-day decline since 2011. - 30 March 2014

Lessons in stockmarket endurance

The redundancy note came out of the blue. Andrew Bascand, a financial high-flier more used to being headhunted than let go, was managing New Zealand share investments for American investment firm AllianceBernstein when it decided to shut up shop in 2009.