Income Fund

So you can generate income, from anywhere.

The Harbour Income Fund is designed for investors who want to generate income and grow their capital too.

The Fund provides:

  • A variety of income-generating asset classes (for diversification and higher running yield)
  • Active management, utilising in-house expertise and research from across our Fixed Income and Equity teams
  • Asset allocation ranges that allow us to proactively mitigate downside risk
  • A competitive management fee

Fund Details

Fund Objective: to exceed the Official Cash Rate (OCR) plus 3.5% pa over rolling three year periods.

Distribution: Quarterly, paid at the fixed rate of 1.25 cents per unit.

Target Investment Mix

Portfolio Manager
Mark Brown, Director & Fixed Income PM

Mark has 30 years of experience in financial markets, including over 20 years as a portfolio manager. Mark’s expertise spans fixed interest, credit, foreign exchange and asset allocation. Mark has responsibility for managing the Harbour Income Fund, drawing on the skills of our fixed interest and equity teams.

Investing in the Income Fund

Under $250k?

If you are comfortable investing without advice, you can invest in the Income Fund (or any other Harbour Fund) through InvestNow.

If you would prefer investment advice tailored to your personal situation, you can invest in the Income Fund through an Authorised Financial Adviser

Over $250k?

You may be able to invest directly through us. Please contact Kendal Law for more information about your options.

Kendal Law

+64 9 3651925

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In making investment decisions it is important that retail investors seek and obtain any investment advice they require from their usual investment advisor. Before investing, you should make yourself aware of the investment risks. Full information about the investment funds and the application process is available in the relevant Product Disclosure Statement. This does not consitute advice to any person. For our full disclaimer visit: harbourasset.co.nz/disclaimer